One man in five dies before the age of 65. TOGETHER we can change that.
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Men are often considered 'hard to reach' when it comes to health. Not any more.

Based on the latest research and best practice, the Men's Health Forum's training will enable anyone working in men's health to reach more men and communicated with more men.

    Training For Professionals

    • Our 'How To' workshop shares the latest insight and information around the issues affecting men’s health and wellbeing and working with men and boys with those running or commissioning health services or projects or, indeed, anyone who wants to empower men to engage with their health.

    Training For Men

    • Our Men's Health Champions course trains both men and women to have healthier conversations with men about their health, improving engagement and outcome.
    • Our Man MOT workshop is a fun one-hour session that will ensure that men are better aware of physical, mental and sexual health and know what to do for themselves. It will also help those around men understand how to support them.
    • Toolbox Talks - customise your own training package built on a variety of key men's health topics.

      In-house training for your organisation