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Toolbox Talks Video: Erectile Dysfunction

Toolbox Talks Video: Erectile Dysfunction


Toolbox Talks Videos are a new product from the Men's Health Forum to help you put the health back into health and safety.

They're an easy way to get over key health messages in a short accessible manner and are a powerful conversation starter for conversations about men's health.

Originally developed for employers and team leaders, Toolbox Talks Videos are designed to be used with any group of men alongside our separate Toolbox Talks to provide a fun and informative event lasting 15-50 minutes that will help all participants live and work more healthily. 

This Toolbox Talk Video looks at erection problems - what they might mean - and what can be done about them.

The 7 minute video includes:

It's designed to work with our Toolbox Talk PDF on erection problems.

Buying the video lets you download the video file to a local computer or laptop and also stream the video full-screen.

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