One man in five dies before the age of 65. TOGETHER we can change that.
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Toolbox Talks Training


Toolbox Talks are a new product from the Men's Health Forum that aim to put the health back into health and safety.

For a short intervention of about an hour - perfect for a lunchtime event - we can deliver THREE talks of your choice. This enables you to create the men's health intervention that will work you from our range of over a dozen talks.

Toolbox Talks are an easy way to get over key health messages in a short accessible manner. The sessions feature plenty of chat and handouts with cartoons and quizzes as well as the key health information on each topic. Originally developed for employers and team leaders, we've found they go down well with any group of men regardless of age or background to provide a fun and informative event that will help all participants live and work more healthily. Any size of group is fine - we can tailor the talk. All you need to provide is a screen.

Choose your THREE talks from:

  1. How to quit smoking
  2. Sleep well, feel better
  3. NHS screening for older men
  4. Avoid skin cancer
  5. Avoid drink problems
  6. Beat stress and anger
  7. How to spot symptoms
  8. How to enjoy safer sex
  9. Eat well, feel better
  10. What do erection problems really mean
  11. How to look after your feet at work
  12. How to avoid Covid-19?
  13. What is your risk of diabetes?
  14. Have you got a hazardous waist: how to beat belly fat


For 'in person' training, trainer travel will be charged extra.

Our small team of specialist trainers are busy and popular so please note you may not be able to secure your first choice of time and date. (Please add a note to your order to suggest some dates if you wish.)

All our training can be customised or modified to suit your organisation or workplace.

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