One man in five dies before the age of 65. TOGETHER we can change that.
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The CAN DO Challenge (posters and social media)


Dozens of posters and social media shares for 'The CAN DO Challenge' based on the five ways to wellbeing

The five ways to well being are CONNECT, be ACTIVE, NOTICE, DISCOVER (or learn), OFFER (or give). Find out more here.

    Free. Zip files. Three branding options to choose from in the drop-down above:

    • Generic CAN DO challenge branding 
    • International Men's Day branding
    • Men's Health Week branding

    You can download all three of course.

    Posters are PDFs and easy to download and print out onto A3, A4 or A5. 

    Social media shares are square and 2 by 1 to cover as many social platforms as possible.

    Try the CAN DO Challenge. Better mental health? We CAN DO it.

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