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Serious Drinking: Alcohol Made Easy

Serious Drinking: Alcohol Made Easy


Many of us enjoy alcohol and there’s nothing wrong with that.

​This booklet explains how alcohol works, how it affects our bodies and how you can drink more safely.

But alcohol is also a powerful drug that kills someone nearly every hour in the UK, the vast majority of them men. So this booklet also includes tips for controlling your drinking and what to look for if your relationship with alcohol is causing you concern.

  • Units and limits
  • Processing alcohol
  • Sleep, driving and hangovers
  • Effects on the body and mind
  • Our six-point plan for cutting down
  • How you know when you’ve got a drink problem.

The 20 page full colour A5 booklet, written by Jim Pollard and the Drinkaware team with cartoons by John Byrne is full of simple, practical tips that will improve the health of pretty much anyone.

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