One man in five dies before the age of 65. TOGETHER we can change that.
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Men's Health

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Can you find your inter-gluteal cleft? Or point to your olecranon? Of course not, you’re like most men when it comes to health, you don’t know your arse from your elbow.

But don’t worry, those are the last medical terms you’ll read in this manual. Instead, you’ll find easy-going, quick wins for a longer, happier life. Nothing more. Nothing less. A book for all men who are interested in their health. And, for all men who are not.

  • How to look after your head, your heart and all the dangly bits
  • How to be more active, eat well and add healthy years to your life
  • How to recognise an emergency and when to see someone

The spread of Coronavirus has really shone a spotlight on the importance of keeping healthy now more than ever before – not least as prevention is often better than cure.

This 128-page hardback book offer realistic, robust and easy-to-follow advice for men across all the key components of men’s health: a positive, easy-to-read, non-medical introduction to health that focuses on the quick wins that can boost men’s physical and mental wellbeing – no matter their age.

  • Written by Jim Pollard
  • Published by Haynes Concise

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