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Toolbox Talk 12: How to avoid Covid-19 (PDF) FREE (updated 17 Mar 2020)


Toolbox Talks are a new product from the Men's Health Forum that aim to put the health back into health and safety.

PDFs that you can print out and use in a variety of ways, Toolbox Talks are an easy way to get over key health messages in a short accessible manner. Originally developed for employers and team leaders, anyone can use them with any group of men to  help all participants live and work more healthily. 

This FREE talk is about Covid-19 (the new Corona virus detected in China in 2019). It covers symptoms, how to avoid the virus and the issues workplaces need to consider. It takes about 15 minutes.

There is one sheet. The first side is a quiz and questions to raise the key issues. Talk through them. The second side provides all the 'answers', raises specific 'talking points' for workplaces and offers top tips. Talk and read through these. A copy of the sheet should be given to all participants. It can be used by any trainer regardless of their level of experience.

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