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Custom manuals (printed)


Hard copies of our award-winning Man Manuals customised for your organisation.

The Forum has created custom manuals with a variety of partners including local authorities, local NHS organisations, companies, clubs, societies and voluntary sector organisations.

Your own custom product may be cheaper than you think. Cost per manual is well below £1 on longer print-runs while smaller organisations are able to commission for less than £900.

Prices here are for a basic customisation package to include your logo*, your preferred title and your own contacts page.

If you want a different print-run or more extended customisation, please get in touch.

There's no need to provide logos and name information at the time of ordering. We'll contact you once your order is placed with further information and contacts.

* this is for a vector logo (such as .svg or .ai). We may need to charge extra for non-vector logos (.jpg, .png etc)

We also offer a virtual (PDF) customised manual

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