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Custom manuals (digital PDFs)


Previously, our award-winning Man Manuals have only been available in printed form. Now you can order PDFs for your organisation.

For years, it's been possible to buy printed Man Manuals - in bulk or individually - online or via purchase order.  We've also displayed the content online on our website.

We haven't allowed people to download the PDF because payments for manuals are essential to keep our charity running.

But people have telling us they need PDFs for their organisation - and until now we've not been able to offer that.

So, you can now order Man Manuals personalised to your organisation as a PDF.  The basic offer costs £349 - can be applied to any of our Man or Man MOT Manuals - and allows you to:

  • Personalise the name and add your logo*
  • Have a PDF that you can share via email or on your intranet
  • Make copies available to 100 staff (additional licences for more staff available)

The PDFs are accessible to screen-readers etc. The only constraints are that the PDF will not be printable and should not be shared on an external website. 

Personalising the name, logo and contacts page costs a bit more - £579.

And if you decide to order printed copies later on, we will treat them as reprints rather than new productions - which saves considerable cost.

There's no need to provide logos and name information at the time of ordering. We'll contact you once your order is placed with further information and contacts.

And if you'd prefer to start with printed manuals, we can still do that too.

* this is for a vector logo (such as .svg or .ai). We may need to charge extra for non-vector logos (.jpg, .png etc)

If you want to personalise a manual that is not listed here, please contact us.

(The Forum is committed to removing the barriers to healthier living. As a result, our manuals are written by men for men using the language men use when talking in a safe space about their health. We make no apology for this approach but if your organisation is uncomfortable with it, we will edit the language to suit your policies. We may need to charge for this.)

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