One man in five dies before the age of 65. TOGETHER we can change that.
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How To Live In A Covid World (ebook)

How To Live In A Covid World (ebook)


How To Live In A Covid World: A Practical Guide for Men is a new easy-to-read ebook and Kindle.

How do we live in a Covid-19 world? To take back control and not have to rely on the sometimes confusing advice of others, we need to make decisions. 

How To Live In A Covid World will give you the facts and figures you need to make the decisions you need for your health and your family and friends. With men far more at risk from Covid-19, we need to empower ourselves.

  • What is Covid-19?
  • How is Covid-19 passed on?
  • Covid-19: decision-making
  • Covid-19 and men
  • Living with Covid-19
  • Meet the Men - interviews with men who have had Covid-19.

The short, punchy, easy to read ebook written by Jim Pollard is full of simple, practical tips that will improve the health of pretty much anyone. Available in all ebook formats, just £1.79.

We'll keep the ebook as up-to-date as possible. By buying from our shop, you'll be informed immediately of updates and be sent the new version. 

You'll get two files which cover all ebook readers. 

  • .ePub version works on most leading ebook readers (Apple, Kobo, Nook etc)
  • .mobi version works on Kindle.

If you're having trouble getting the ebook on your ebook reader, there are links here.

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