One man in five dies before the age of 65. TOGETHER we can change that.
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Man Manual (2015 - 3rd edition)

Man Manual (2015 - 3rd edition)

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New edition available from Feb 18, 2019

One man in five will die before he reaches 65, two in five before the age of 75. Not with The Man Manual.

One careful owner? With a little care, the high-performance machine that is the male body will run smoothly for a lifetime with just basic maintenance and minimal need for spare parts. This easy-to-read handbook will show you how to fine tune your engine, choose the right fuel and keep your mind on the road ahead. We’ll explain the little changes that can make a big difference:

  • how to be good to your heart
  • how to get active
  • how to handle the ups and downs

The Man Manual also includes everyman's personal TOOL-KIT: answers to all the frequently-asked questions on the male tackle. 

Equipped with The Man Manual, you might just reach the finish line without your original exhaust pipe falling off.

The 36 page full colour A5 booklet, written and edited by Jim Pollard with cartoons by John Byrne is full of simple, practical tips that will improve the health of pretty much anyone.

Take a look inside the manual on our website.

There's an audio version of this title available here.

Highly Commended in the 2016 BMA Patient Information Awards.

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